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May 27, 2006

My phone rang at 9 am, reminding me that I had an appointment at noon, at Scotia, with Kayla.* The bank had not to worry, I was not forgetting that I had a meeting to talk about my request for my first credit card. I entered Scotiabank, the bank with the slogan You are richer than you think, thinking that it should be quite simple to apply for plastic. Well, the blonde lady was kind, but my request was not so easy. It might be that her boss will allow me to get a card anyway, but as it stands my income is not quite high enough for the regular working-person’s credit card. I may be richer than I think, but I am not rich enough to receive a Scotia VISA on first request.

From the bank I went to the coffee shop for my almost five-hour shift. Early in the afternoon, I saw a bearded peddler coming to our door. His arms were piled high with boxes of pots and pans. Before he stepped through our doorway I had already decided that I wasn’t going to pretend to be interested in his wares. He spoke to me. I didn’t need a frying pan? Did my boss need one? I picked up some dimes from the floor and acted very uninterested. No matter, did I need a windup LED flashlight? A hunting knife? He realized that I was not going to buy anything. “You just don’t need nothing, do ya?” “Not really,” I said. He went on his way.

As he took his load to someone else’s shop, his words parked in my head. In the quiet of the shop, I realized that he spoke more truthfully than he realized. A friend’s e-mail this week reminded me of the verse in Ephesians 1:3 that says that we have been “blessed…with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” Inspired by the same Spirit, Peter wrote that God’s “…divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness…” (2 Peter 1:3). It’s a pity that I don’t remember it more often, but I really am richer than I think. I don’t need nothing, to quote the peddler.

I don’t have enough, monetarily, to get a credit card on my first try. But what the blonde lady couldn’t know by looking at the numerals of my income, and what the peddler didn’t know from my closed wallet, is that I really do have everything I need. I don’t have a credit card or a pan set, an LED flashlight or a hunting knife. But I have everything I need. Every spiritual blessing.

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