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August 09, 2006

In recent days in the wonderful land of Canada, serial pedophile Peter Whitmore waltzed off with two young boys from Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Whitmore was found near Kipling, SK and is charged with abduction and sexual assault causing bodily harm to both children and forcible confinement of the 10-year-old.

I didn't know any of this happened until I came back from camp and the law already had Whitmore in custody. But I was disgusted to read the list of Whitmore's past offences. He has been jailed at least three times for being a sexual predator of minors, but each time, after he gets out of jail, he goes and does it again. Once he served a 56-month jail term...only to go out and practice his sins again. Each time, he comes out and destroys another little child's life.

Months ago someone pointed out to me that in the Bible God did not teach people to have a prison for people who did misdeeds. In prison criminals can chat it up. They pool their evil ideas. They can come out, like Whitmore, not repentant at all. Still bent on sexual perversion. The person who was talking to be about what God instructed in the Bible said that in Scripture we see either death to the offender or restitution being made, but never a jail term. I have not studied that topic in the Bible, so for now I am taking his word for it.

The Calgary Sun from Aug 4 said that Whitmore's lawyer was asking that Whitmore not be declared a dangerous offender. Are the courts blind? Are the judges' ears stopped? Whitmore is a dangerous offender. He will attack another child if he is freed again. Today his lawyer is requesting that Whitmore be treated for this sickness called pedophilia by being put in a psych ward.

Here's another idea for Brodsky, the lawyer. Capital punishment would be an effective deterrent. If these men knew they were going to be killed if they ever got caught abusing children, maybe they'd think a little more before they sinned. And they wouldn't get to teach others their sickening tricks, or get to hurt any more children.

Where is one's hope in this life, if they do not know that there really is One just Judge, who will one day rule in righteousness?

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