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April 22, 2007


At the art show (see previous post) we saw various 3-D exhibits done by college students. Some I didn't really understand very well but one was very effective because right away I understood the artist's premise. From far away you see all these glass slippers, like Cinderella's slippers resting on bright red cushions that are suspended on nearly invisible threads. It looks feminine and pretty. But when you approach the art you see that the 'shine' on the shoes comes from push pins that are stuck in the shoe. The artist was trying to illustrate that what looks like a fairytale lifestyle comes through pain and hurt.

This is partly my interpretation, but many girls who look beautiful on the outside are broken and hurting inside. They thought that fitting into that smaller skirt or having the money for the nice clothes would get a nice boy at their side and fix their problems, but really they are still hurting...a deep ache that no human can fix.

Christ, knowing You has been transforming for me.
Thank you for defining beauty for me rather than leaving me to depend on my culture's ideas.
True beauty doesn't depend on my genetics or money. Your life and death make real beauty attainable for any woman who puts her trust in You as Saviour and Lord Yahweh.

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