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April 30, 2007

I do not know best.

Last year I read a booklet on divorce by Elizabeth Elliot. It was interesting how much I, as an unmarried person, got out of the booklet as Elliot rightly divided the Word of Truth. Sometimes (often?!) truth is painful...but obedience to the Lord is always possible, and is always the best way. I could use that reminder daily, almost hourly. Here are Elliot quotes (emphasis mine):

How excruciating it is for me to submit to the Word
that never permits the least indulgence of
self-pity, self-vindication, self-agrandizement, self-justification,
or any other form of the self whatsoever.

Love is no pleasing sentiment but a fiery law: thou shalt love.

Refusal to obey when the choice is clear is the end of blessing...
obedience leads to some unimagined solution. rescue us out of [our troubles], Christ relinquished His rights.

There are some simple answers but they are not easy.

It is always possible to do what He tells us.

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