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September 05, 2007

“For many of the doubters in our generation, the accepted religious vocabulary no longer conveys what the words were intended to mean. The general evangelical is often articulating slogans rather than communicating ideas…” - Francis Schaeffer


  1. I miss you too Eiluj! I miss your creativeness, your random thoughts, and most of all hearing what the Lord is teaching you. Thank goodness for your blog!

    Sadly, this quote is all too true. But recognizing it is half the battle, right?

    Love, Les

  2. Those words are so true today. To think that Schaeffer wrote them over four decades ago! Reading his writing, you notice how in tune with the grassroots culture he was (art, philosophy, music, etc.), because he could see when the tides were about to turn and, therefore, could warn us of impending cultural and spiritual waywardness before it actually happened.

  3. that is interesting to me, that he had the pulse of the culture while so many others probably totally missed what was happening. i would like to be someone like that, who is acutely aware of what my culture is saying and able to define what is going on in the light of Scripture.