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September 27, 2007

On the great importance of having a renewed, spiritual mind

What has to happen, and what will never happen if we don't study the Word of God
...all the time (meditating on His Word, coming to Him in prayer, asking how we ought to think about this and how we ought to think about that and trying to learn how to apply Bible doctrine)
is it will not change what is in your heart, what is in the deepest, most intellectual seat of your person. The Word of God has to get in there...
If you come [to church] once a week it is not going to help. If you sit down and think that by attending church for [insert here the length of your morning church service] you are going to change what is in your deepest person, you can forget it! We have 168 hours in a week and if you think [a service a week] can change what is in your heart, you're crazy! Because the other 167 hours are geared totally against that, everything is against that. The music, the media, the world, the TV, your co-workers, everything! It is bombarding you from every side. It is a world system that the Bible says is run by the god of this world who is Satan. And if you don't think he has penetrated every area of life you are greatly deceived. That is why it is so vital to have a daily study of the Word of God. You have got to train yourself to concentrate and focus on divine viewpoint wisdom, what is the Word of God telling me? You cannot put a Band-Aid on cancer and think that you're going to have any success. It may cover it up, you may not see it...but underneath it is a mass that is destroying you. It is pagan, it is deeply infective, it is ubiquitous, it is trying to destroy you every way it can, from every side...that is why Paul keeps telling transformed... you have to have a renewal of the mind,
every day, every day, every day,
the Word of God, the Word of God, the Word of God, Word of God... because everything else is oriented against that....We think that the human viewpoint gimicks of the world are going to work. They are not going to work. They are going to create disorder...evil around us...but the Word of God will bring life, it will bring light, it will bring stability of categories and clear thinking.
- Jeremy Thomas speaking on James 3:13-16, Human Viewpoint Wisdom


  1. you dont hear ppl get that intense about that very often. i was riding my bike when i first heard him say it and i was like "wow, i should copy this down!"