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September 27, 2007

Seeking one thing: today
One evening my brother and I got on our bikes and headed onto the avenue just north of our house. We were headed east, but for a moment my brother looked west. The sun was so direct and so bright, coming down the tunnel of the tree-lined avenue, that he could hardly look in that direction. For a moment I was reminded of Jesus. How good he is to build reminders of Himself into the universe. I'm told there will be no sun in Heaven.
"The Son is all the glory in Immanuel's land". How bright will he be? Will we be able to look on Him? How? Oh my sin, as that light rushes, pours in my direction. Oh my sin. When others ask how I am, I can say that I am "good" in a positional sense, for I know the Light took my darkness away; but here's ripping off the "Christian/church" mask, and saying that in my practice, it is not "all good".

From the Word:
Ps 15:1-2 he that speaks the truth from his heart
Ps 24:3 clean hands and a pure heart
Ps 32:5 did not cover up my iniquity, I will confess my transgressions to the Lord
Heb 4 naked and bare before Him to whom we must give account
Ps 51 You desire truth in the inward parts
Ps 90 Our secret sins are before You, in the light of Your presence
1 Jn lie and do not practice the truth, deceive yourself
Phil 1:10 sincere and without offense until the day of Christ
(sincere = from heile, the sun's ray. Tested as genuine, judged by sunlight)

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