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September 28, 2007

What would our churches be like if instead of coming to church on Sunday and just small-talking and telling each other how nice we look and how nice we are, if we would get honest with each other—accountable, vulnerable, transparent, and willing to speak the truth about what's in your life anytime God prompts you to share it with another person? Otherwise, we're just playing church. We're not being the church.
-N. L. DeMoss


  1. i think that's why you need smaller churches or at least small groups where that kind of discipling can happen. it won't (much) in a normal church like we have today.

  2. it is true, mega churches...if we even have them...need smaller groups. But really probably mega churches shouldnt exist because they
    1) could spread out more and impact more area
    2) the believers could use their gifts more and get off their bums more :)