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October 07, 2007

From the journals

Pharisees are characterized by
  • stinging like vipers
  • misusing words
  • unrighteousness
  • falsely accusing others
  • being more concerned with what others are doing than with their own actions
  • wrong deeds
  • dissatisfaction with what God gives them
  • being consumed with outward appearances when uncleanness comes from within
  • putting themselves in positions of authority, as God's voice-boxes, but then speaking for themselves instead of speaking for the Lord
  • focusing on the tiny details at the loss of the big picture
Am I a Pharisee, Lord? Help me to see my sin as you see it.

Lord, please redefine for me the following words that I've allowed the world to define. Or maybe I've kept the basic structure of what your Word says on these words, but I've allowed the world and the flesh to fill in the blanks in my understanding.
love joy success happiness
Redefine these words for my heart, because although my mind could probably give a fairly Biblical definition, this heart is wanting of Biblical definitions, stories and pictures for those words. I fall short even when I think I need to trust you to "fill in what I don't know/have". In reality, I need to let you be my all in all -- not just the extra pieces, but the entire puzzle. You are my life, Oh precious Christ.

Lord, the ache in me when I let the idols around me fall down is the emptiness of knowing that I have focused on things below rather than things above, and that when I do so I am living fruitlessly, critically and uncontentedly.... If my focus is not on Christ then I will never be deeply joyful, others-centred and content.
With such a blessed hope in view,
we would more holy be,
more like our rich and glorious Lord,
whose face we soon shall see.

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