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April 13, 2008

the mystery of modesty

I found the following quote by Barbara Bova via Old Fashioned Lady (any emphasis is mine). It is especially interesting to note that this comes from a secular source.
"...These days girls or young women (the title of lady has gone out with the word modesty) are inclined to wear clothes that are barely there. Common sense has been exchanged for the political correctness nonsense that says women are free to wear whatever they want. That women have turned to looking like hookers and Lolitas just ignores the nature of men...

Here in the U.S., women are free to show it all. Some apparently think this makes them more attractive. Instead, they have tossed out the mystery and allure females once possessed when they had some modesty.... A woman doesn’t have to wear a chador to be safe here but those who play enticing games to attract male attention should be ready for some nasty things to happen...."


  1. It is really neat to hear someone with that opinion from a secular source. It sounds a lot like Dannah Gresh's book. Awesome quote and a definite warning for our generation.

  2. AMEN! you should also highlight "just ignores the nature of men" b/c that's very true as well!