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May 31, 2008

burma's tragedy

After the recent cyclone in Burma, Maclean's May 26 magazine published a heart-breaking photo essay. The most striking image was that of a Buddhist temple's wreckage, above. My thoughts were: I am thankful that my God is neither visible (to be seen in such a state) nor helpless. But then I remembered that, for a short time, he was both visible and "helpless". I thought of whimpers coming from a manger and a loud call from the cross: My God...why have you forsaken me? But my God chose helplessness; he was no victim of the weather conditions. The real tragedy in Burma is the many thousands of people who left this life believing in a god who can't even stop a cyclone. My God triumphed through helplessness, saving the dying. The Burmese serve a god who can't even lift itself out of the wreckage, lose that serene look and do something helpful. What of the immortal, invisible God only wise, in light inaccessible hid from our eyes?

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  1. Psalm 115 is so real at times like this! Their god is so ineffective! What a great missionary message!