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September 21, 2008

autumn light

i love being in my kitchen in the morning when the sun's yellow light is beating through our east window. the photo above is simple, but it captures what i saw this morning. it is too bad that moment can't last all day...but if it did, it wouldn't be so special. the sun is waking up later here and i won't get to see bright mornings in my kitchen for much longer. fall is definitely here. bright yellow leaves are floating down from the trees on my street, piling in crunchy drifts on the sidewalks and getting stuck in my windshield wipers. it is so beautiful.

in the morning i also love to read Tozer's Renewed Day by Day while I eat breakfast, when i'm not in a big rush. here's something from today:
Before the Word of God can mean anything inside of me there must be obedience to the Word. Truth will not give itself to a rebel. Truth will not impart life to a man who will not obey the light. If you are disobeying Jesus Christ you cannot expect to be enlightened spiritually.... I can know about God: that is the body of truth. But I cannot know God, the soul of truth, unless I am ready to be obedient. True discipleship is...doing what [Jesus Christ] tells you to do..."
last week i started an evening course at a local university. there is something quietly surreal about fall in that historic section of our city, as the late afternoon sun filters through the trees which are dropping swirls of leaves. like a new morning, a new school year seems to speak of a new opportunity. a new textbook, a new sheet of looseleaf, a new pen. there is so much to learn, to do, to see and to experience...but for a few moments, it is delicious to get silent. to lose yourself in the splendour of God's current artwork. to watch the games light plays. happy autumn!

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