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September 27, 2008

Costume or precious jewelry?

A few months ago I stumbled across a short article from In Word Adorning. Basically, she compares young women to either cheap costume jewelry or fine jewels. I had never heard this analogy, but thought it was very effective. I list some of her points below. As I have never really bought fine jewels, I'm taking her word for how it works.

  • The wise jeweler is a good steward of his merchandise.
  • Potential buyers look, but don't touch.
  • If the potential buyer wants a closer look, the jeweler will open the glass case take out the jewelry, place it on a black velvet cloth, and remain present.
  • Some gems and stones are so priceless and rare they are not displayed at all. They are viewed by appointment for only the wealthy.
  • Available abundance in Wal-mart and Dollar stores in every town.
  • No money or intent to purchase needed to view it, handle it or walk around the story with it.
  • Less guarded and more easily stolen.
She goes on to say:
This is how I explain dating and courtship to my girls. They are our precious gems. They will not be cheap costume dates. Picked up carried off, never purchased and put back down. No man will come and sample them, try them out, or take them from our presence. If he comes he must come rich--very rich--in character and good intentions, he must come willing and able to pay any price.... He will honor her purity as much as we do.
My point is not to discuss dating or courtship. I know that the world in which I operate daily encourages me to be cheap, immodest and live for the present. Rather, I think this might be helpful to you as you either:
  • help young ladies understand the value of purity, or
  • seek to maintain purity for yourself.
Often I think that Christian girls are told to dress modestly because "if you don't, you cause boys to stumble." It is certainly good for girls to be aware of this problem.* What if we taught not only physical, sexual purity but modesty in clothing and demeanour as part of the gift we are saving for the one man whom we may marry someday? Many women I have met give free "samples" of their sexuality to men all the time. Fleeting pleasure says flaunt what you got. Some brides have a custom of giving their husband a gift on their wedding day. What could be more precious to him than the knowledge that, ever since the Lord opened her eyes to these truths, his bride has saved not only her sexual purity, but her physical charm, for the man who "pays a high price" for her? In the words of King Lemuel, this woman is not not just fine jewelry, she is worth far more than rubies.

*I think Christian boys often lack teaching in this area though. Put on some clothes/some looser clothes!


  1. Sorry, I'm in a hurry to go to work. No time to comment, so I'll just repeat what I've said many times: I love your posts!
    And I loved all 3 pics bellow.
    Captain Forr