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October 09, 2008

"hopitality seeks to serve"

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada, I hope you will be either showing or enjoying hospitality. Let's keep the right perspective.

A Karen Mains quote from her Open Heart, Open Home via Jess' Making Home:
"Entertaining has little to do with real hospitality. Secular entertaining is a terrible bondage. Its source is human pride. Demanding perfecting, fostering the urge to impress, it is a rigorous taskmaster that enslaves. In contrast, scriptural hospitality is a freedom that liberates.

Entertaining says, 'I want to impress you with my beautiful home, my clever decorating, my gourmet cooking.' Hospitality, however, seeks to minister. It says, 'This home is not mine. It is truly a gift from my Master. I am His servant, and I use it as He desires. Hospitality does not try to impress but to serve."
It is amazing how a human perspective can so skew something that is seemingly "neutral" (there is no neutrality!). So let's be hospitable, as unto Christ, who came not to be served but to serve.


  1. What a great explanation of the difference between "entertaining" and "hospitality"!
    I love Jess' blog.

  2. Yes, Jess has a lot of good things to say!

  3. that's cool. I hadn't thought of the two things separately before, really. But I guess all the home commercials, shows, & things are more geared toward showing off your stuff and "entertaining" ppl. Thanks for your hospitality so many times! :)
    love you sis.