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October 17, 2008

teaching the books of the Bible to kids

Recently I had the opportunity to teach the books of the Bible to some sweet kids... Two good resources I found for this venture:

Books of the Bible Song [link]
(I played the song for them straight from You Tube on my laptop. The kids really liked the song and would sing it even when it wasn't playing...this reminded me of the power of teaching truth through music. Unfortunately, there's a weird portion of the song between the Old and New Testaments; we didn't learn that part.)

Books of the Bible flashcards [link]
(I got these free flashcards printed on thicker stock and these were a great resource. We had relays and races to see who could put the books in order first, played memory, etc.) We learned the "sections" of the Bible, which I termed
OT: laws, history, poems, prophecy, and
NT: history, letters and Revelation
Partly due to an oversight of mine, I don't think the kids learned the epistles ("letters") very well, but overall they did a great job. We mostly studied a little bit about the books and their sections and played related games, although one time we drew one or two illustrations for each section of the Bible. Again, the kids were were great: Job (Poems section) had empty animal pens around him and Joshua (OT History section), a wild wilderness dog. :)