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November 02, 2008

"what is a family?"

I had no idea that Francis Schaeffer's wife Edith was an author until I saw her book What is a Family? in our church library. I haven't read the book yet, but the Table of Contents outlines her answers to the question the title poses. The family is:
  • A changing life mobile
  • And ecologically balanced environment
  • The birthplace of creativity
  • A formation center for human relationships
  • A shelter in the time of storm
  • A perpetual relay of truth
  • An economic unit
  • An educational control
  • A museum of memories
  • A door that has hinges and a lock
  • Blended balances
I was so encouraged to read this list! Family can be the source of great joy...but also of deep pain. Is it worth it? The Bible says it definitely is! Also, as our society redefines terms and the idea of a Biblically-defined family is under attack, take heart! The family was designed by the Creator of the universe. It serves very important purposes. This truth needs to be preserved. Press on!

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