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December 18, 2008

humility is truth, pride is lying

We all know that humility is taught in the Bible, but not until I read the quote below did I think so clearly about how only a humble attitude is an attitude based on reality. I am fallible. I am a sinner. It is more than likely that I messed something up, forgot something or just did what I told you not to do.
"We all tend to be infatuated with the idea of strength--but we fail to realize that all true strength is grounded in humility. We still relegate humility to the pale ranks of passive virtues and ornamental graces, whereas, in its legitimate development, it is a stout and soldierly quality. Humility, indeed, is simply a sense of reality and proportion. It is grounded upon a knowledge of the truth about ourselves and about God. 'The reason why God is so great a lover of humility,' says St Vincent de Paul, 'is because He is the great lover of truth. Now humility is nothing but truth, whilst pride is nothing but lying.'"
-E. Herman, as quoted in Elizabeth Elliot's book The Mark of a Man

And yet humility is a trait of Christ (Phil 2)--our all powerful Creator God. "Mild He lays his glory by." May we be forever grateful.

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