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December 17, 2008

"man sees the outward appearance"

One very cold day this weekend, some of us had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols to local hospital residents and staff. I don't tell you this to sound like a good person. Because as I was there, I couldn't help but feel trite and self-centered in offering my well-wishes to people who most likely won't have a joyful Christmas. People whom our society, for the most part, has put away. It felt hollow to suppose that I was doing them some great good by spending a few hours singing before I bustled off to friends, family and Christmas happenings.

In the hospital there is a lady who is burned beyond recognition. A splash of grey hair hangs from a lumpy, rebuilt expanse where her face once was. When I see her, my curious eyes keep turning back to her. My foolish heart, which is so bound up in the physical and visible, experiences repulsion and pity as I judge her value by worldly standards rather than the Lord's.

My little friend Jeremiah, who has recently turned five, was at the hospital with us and saw this lady for the first time. After someone talked to him about her, his response was "But she'll have a new body in Heaven, right?" Yet again, a little child leads me:
in thinking Biblically,
in always hoping,
in having eyes to see the unseen--that which is eternal.

Man sees the outward appearance, but the Lord sees the heart.

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