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February 04, 2013

that big, that good

There was no handwriting on the wall. Tea leaves certainly didn't spell it out for me. I can't tell you a dramatic story of my Book opening to particular passage. My decision to move to Asia was simply a choice I made, a door I walked through.

Many, many times I had looked into opportunities abroad, only to be discouraged eventually. But this time I saw the guidance of the Father, in opening door after door. I pursued wise counsel. I sought the blessing of my parents (and after some tough questions, they bravely blessed this venture). And finally, I said, "Why not?! Let's do this." In some senses, it was fairly straightforward.

After arriving here, again, I've seen His fingerprints on this situation. It isn't perfect, by any means. There's only one perfect Place. But I could list for you at least 5 confirmations that have reminded me that this is a good place for me. I didn't have to receive confirmations like that from Him, but He is kind to encourage me.

Before I came to Asia, there were a few who questioned my decision or discouraged me. The most notable was one who insinuated that by my leaving, a particular person (in whom I had invested a considerable amount of time) would be left to struggle spiritually. The gist of it was: this person needs you in order to live rightly. Quite a claim!

Obviously, I didn't let the comment stop me. But it rattled me. While 90% of me was fiery ("That's not true!") there was 10% of me that feared those words would come true. Those words exposed the false fear I had, too. Was I a crutch that kept that person, or others, going? Would something or someone fall apart by my leaving? Was I selfish in my decision to go abroad, or was I going for the wrong reasons? I spent time entertaining fears, some foolish, some more real. But no such fear was great enough to cancel my plans. Asia still beckoned; the pathway was still clear. I came.

I told my local coworker about that hurtful remark. I was already seeing sweet signs that that person's claim was untrue, that the Father was caring for and guiding said person without me. My coworker has been reminding me of this: when the Father guides me in a particular direction, He is orchestrating the surrounding details as well. He knows how far the ripples of our decision will reach, and He's already prepared for that. He's that big.

For example, if He guides parents into a particular country or situation, He has a good plan for their children there, too. In my case, if He leads me far from family and friends whom I love, He's going to use that for good both in my life and theirs. The Father won't lead his faithful child astray. He may lead through thorny ways or situations not presently understood. But He'll never, ever lead his child astray. He's that good.

I want this simple post to stand as a reminder to me, and perhaps to you as well. I want to remember that He does all things well. Moses wrote, "He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful G0d who does no wrong, upright and just is he." He continually has our (individual and corporate) best in mind. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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