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August 09, 2015

somehow, He does

Today we visited a neighbourhood full of refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and other countries. Some of them have been there for years and have settled into apartment blocks, but others arrived as recently as ten days ago and are sleeping on cots in tents put up by the Red Cross. For me it was the first time visiting a designated "refugee neighbourhood", though I'm sure the scene must be similar at many facilities across Europe.

It's hard to understand how much the children we saw today have suffered, or the burdens they must carry. I ended up painting rowdy children's faces for a couple of hours and I wondered, between painting flowers (the girls' favourite request) and Spidermen (the boys' favourite) how painting a face can make a lasting difference for a child escaping war or starvation. Does it have any impact at all?

But lately I've been remembering that to believe in the God of the B!ble is to believe in a God so big that He can work even tiny things (like paint and a smile on a summer day) together for good. When I wasn't too distracted trying to draw webs correctly or reminding kids to wait their turn and not jostle each other, I tried to remind God of the little hearts belonging to the faces appearing in front of me. "See this little Spiderman, God? Remember him. See this little butterfly? Remember her."

And I know that somehow, He does.

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