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I'm a late twenties J'esus follower and third culture kid. I had nearly twenty-nine good single years, and now I am a thankful wife, as of November 2014. (We met online, when I was in Asia and he in Europe!) Below you see us, taking a nap in a lovely park.

Yes, those are our knees!

Probably the most unusual thing about my earthly life is how much moving I've done:
(1) Most of my formative years were spent in tropical South America, avoiding fire ants, swinging in hammocks, and eating beans and rice.
(2) For nine adult years I called snowy Canada (my parents' home country) home, making dear friends, wearing mittens and enjoying the great outdoors.
(3) Enter curry and head scarves: I relocated to dusty Asia for almost two years (2012-2014), to help friends with their business start-up there.

(4) Now I live in cultured Europe with my brand new husband. We are foreigners who don't look like foreigners, living here because his job brought us here.
My husband and I are both North American (Western), and have a heart for internationals (Easterners/Asians in particular), especially those who are far from Home. We are praying about where He might have us live next....or whether we should stay right here.

"...[God] has determined their preappointed times 
and the boundaries of their dwellings, 
so that they should seek the Lord, 
in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, 
though He is not far from each one of us; 
for in Him we live and move and have our being..."
Acts 17:26-28

I have moved almost too many times to count, always leaving behind items I would have liked to carry with me. (When I buy things, I already think about if I can move the item, next time.) But words are light, and they move with me. No matter where I end up on the earth, I have stories and I have my God. I search for glimpses into how my small, earthly story fits into God's all-encompassing, eternal story.

I've been designing for print in exchange for a pay for quite a few years now, but it was mostly through blogging (and especially through blogging from Asia) that I realized that I like writing at least as much as I like designing, if not more. Now I write for pay, too, creating chair descriptions or sales copy for websites. But this blog is where I get to write about what matters most to me—what I'm learning on my journey with Him. I write a lot about Asian/international experiences and relationships, ways in which our physical reality teaches us about spiritual reality, and intentional international living. I hope God uses something He's taught me to encourage you in a simple and pure devotion to Himself.

"But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, 
your minds will be led astray from 
the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ."
2 Corinthians 11:3


  1. Hi J, I love the new layout and your piece on why you write...I thought about the journals I've filled (particularly the one's full of spiritual wanderings) and your thought almost gave me goosebumps. How amazing is our Sovereign God who can give us inclinations now to do things (like writing) that might someday bless's a special thought.

    May you continue to write, and may our Lord use your writings to glorify or a hundred years from now.

  2. I am prompted to thank the Lord for the encouragement you have received to write this blog. My prayer for you is that as you continue to write, blessing and inspiring others with words which are spirit driven and scripture inspired, you remain in Christ's humility; a persistent challenge for anyone with a calling to ministry in any form.

    May our Lord Jesus continue to teach you.

  3. Thank you both for your encouragement! Much appreciated :)

  4. Thank you for writing. Your blog is by far my favourite. I work with (and love!) international students at a Christian college and am looking to move to Asia in the near future. I have found so much encouragement and joy in reading about what He has taught you and I'm grateful for your writing. You have a sweet gift and a ministry to other believers.

  5. Hello Anonymous! :) Thank you for your very encouraging comment, which I read before I fell asleep last night! May you have much joy as you head to Asia - and even more, as you abide in Him. Thank you for reading!